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Enterprise introduction

Science and technology benefit people, industry benefit people, achievements benefit people

As an early school enterprise founded by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Zhang Yaozong
led the scientific research team in 2012 to adhere to the loyal creed of scientific research, teaching as a supplement, and industry digging,
And we have constantly broadened our scientific research ideas, took the lead in introducing the telangiectant into the hair follicles
under the scalp by the slow release transdermal method, and reactivated the hair follicles, awakening the diseased and necrotic hair follicles,
Let the sick and weak patients break the record of 53% held by Jonathan of the United States with a regeneration rate of 76%.


In 2014, Professor Zhang Yaozong's team successfully broke the sustained release transdermal absorption method

In 2021, it will settle in Building C of Guangzhou Haizhu Science Park Incubation Area Guangzhou Office Area of Lifeng Technology in 2021

Business area

Science and technology benefit people, industry benefit people, achievements benefit people

Lifeng's technology series of anti abortion and hair generation products were put into production in Guangzhou,
and the product supply capacity was greatly improved. A large number of high-quality
scientific researchers have been stationed in Guangdong to transform
more scientific research achievements as soon as possible.


News Center

Release new achievements, show industry trends, promote scientific research style

Release the most cutting-edge scientific research trends at home and abroad, promote the cooperation and exchange
of science and technology between China and the West, and promote the efficient
transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so that scientific and technological
achievements can benefit the people. Improve the regional scientific research
environment and support the emerging forces in the industry.

Lifeng Technology and the Biological Laboratory of HKUST jointly completed the research project of skin surface repair.

The experiment shows that minoxidil has a certain regeneration function on hair follicles, and rational use is beneficial to accelerating the blood flow of scalp capillaries

Vitamin B6 can not only restore vision, but also inhibit oil secretion.

Wound suture technology has been innovated, and zipper wound healing has changed the originalThere is a medical suture mode, and no small traces of anesthetic injury can be effectively reduced.

Unreasonable work and rest at night: androgen increases dramatically, becoming the culprit of human hair loss
The culprit, internal and external use together with conditioning has become the first choice

Finasteride can inhibit the excessive secretion of androgen to some extent,
Can have effect on androgen induced alopecia


Recruitment area

Gather talents in scientific research, occupy the peak of scientific research, meet opportunities and challenges

Cultivating talents on campus: cultivate emerging talents in the field of biotechnology by taking advantage of their own
professional advantages, so that people can apply what they have learned to the best of their abilities.
Selecting talents outside the society: invite high-end talents from the industry with high salary,
give full play to the mature strength of the industry,
give full play to their personal advantages and gradually form the advantages of teamwork.

  Scientific research department:
  1 Research direction: 1 full-time nurse with relevant experience is preferred.
  2. One researcher of epidermal hair drug mechanism, graduated from pharmacy.
  3 Two researchers of surgical trauma instruments and flexible materials.

  Archives Department:
  1 Archivists, who know English and word classification retrieval method.
  2. The file entry clerk can use the office software and the computer input speed is fast.
  3. The person who packs and delivers the files shall have a driver's license and be familiar with the streets.

  Legal Department:
  1 Legal consultant, full-time cooperation with related enterprises is preferred.
  2. Two legal assistants, with legal practice certificate.
  3. One technical patent staff, experienced in technology patent transfer.

  Business Department:
  1. One mainland business manager, with experience in medical channels of Grade III A hospitals.
  2 There are 6 mainland business personnel who can speak Mandarin and have experience in pharmacy channel.
  3. There are 18 part-time business personnel who can speak Mandarin and understand some medical knowledge.

  Campus Department:
  1 School enterprise communication personnel, men and women with school work experience are not limited.
  2 The school resident clerk has strong communication and emergency handling ability.
  3 Acting teachers, men and women are preferred if they have school worker experience.

  Warehousing Department:
  1 Medical reagent preparation personnel with basic medical knowledge is preferred.
  2. One porter, who works carefully and carefully, and the age limit is appropriate.
  3 One transfer vehicle driver, honest and dutiful, without bad habits.


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